Cold Therapy

Applies relief directly
to affected area

Use with your
clothes on

The "cold" penetrates
and relief begins quickly

How Does It Work?

Ice is well known for it’s ability to reduce pain and swelling. The cold therapy applied by using a chilled 10 Minute Ice™ cold pack provides soothing comfort right at the site of pain. Doctors commonly recommend applying ice several times a day to help alleviate hemorrhoid pain. Ice is a natural vasoconstrictor which reduces blood flow to the swollen blood vessels of your hemorrhoids.

The slim shape of your 10 Minute Ice™ Cold Pack is designed to minimize any applied pressure on your hemorrhoids while directing the cooling - right where you need it most. 10 Minute Ice™ is intended to be used for ten minutes of concentrated relief per use, up to 6X daily.

No miracle ointments or magic pills... just ice, something you know and understand.

Is 10 MINUTE ICE™ Right for Me?

10 Minute Ice™ is a new therapy device based on a time-tested natural treatment method - ice! It is DRUG FREE and does not contain any chemicals or herbs that may be harmful to your body commonly found in other popular ointments and pills. Because you use it externally, it is safe for people with high blood pressure and even pregnant women.

Ready to get your life back?

Each package comes with two 10 Minute Ice Therapy packs so you can be cooling one while you're using another.

Our Guarantee to You

You are protected by our Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee!

We’re confident that 10 Minute Ice will help you and we back that up with our 100% satisfaction Guarantee.

If for any reason your 10 Minute Ice product does not help you, return it for a full refund... no questions asked.

“When I experienced my first hemorrhoids, it was really painful, scary and I was embarrassed to talk about it. A pain like that can really change your lifestyle and I just couldn’t understand how this could be happening to me.

As I developed Ten Minute Ice and discovered how helpful it was for overcoming hemorrhoid pain, I realized there are so many people just like me and that I could help them!

I researched and tested for over two years and the result is a deceptively simple design that fits right were you need the relief. There’s no mess, no odor, and it works FAST!”

~ Bill Stine, Founder, Ten Minute Ice

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