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Our story starts with a bag of frozen peas…

Ten Minute Ice was invented by a frustrated hemorrhoid sufferer - just like you…

You’re not alone, the National Center for Health Statistics reports that up to 23 million U.S. adults are affected by hemorrhoids.

One of the safest and most common Doctor recommended hemorrhoid treatments is an alternating “hot/cold” regimen of warm sitz baths followed by cooling the affected area. Ten minutes of each, several times a day.

Unfortunately until now, there has been no easy way to cool your hemorrhoids. Holding a melting ice cube down there is difficult and really messy.

Meet our founders Lisa and Bill.

Almost thirty years ago when Lisa experienced painful hemorrhoids after childbirth, her Doctor recommended she alternate between warm sitz baths and sitting on a bag of frozen peas.

This alternating between the warm and cold seemed to help, but sitting on the frozen peas got her cheeks real cold, but it didn’t seem to get the cold “up” where it needed to be.

Frustrated, her “Ah-ha moment” came when she tried using a common kid's frozen "squeeze" popsicle between her cheeks. But the sharp straight edges of the popsicle where almost as uncomfortable as the hemorrhoid itself! She wrapped the popsicle in a washcloth to help soften the edges but it was still shaped wrong and really awkward to use and melted too fast.

She needed something that was just the right size, easy to insert, really comfortable, and SAFE.

Skip ahead many years, and now it was Bill’s turn to experience hemorrhoids. In extreme pain, he tried the popsicle idea and again, the cooling relief was significant, but those sharp edges of the pops were really uncomfortable.

With a successful career in engineering and product development Bill began the technically challenging process of designing Ten Minute Ice. “How big should it be?”, “how long should it last?”, “what do we make it out of?”, and “how do we make it safe to use?”

Bill found that there are non-toxic gels that are commonly used in baby teethers that stay cold longer than just frozen water. These gels also stay in a “slushy” state as they cool which is more comfortable than ice melting into cold water.

Another big challenge turned out to be how do you make the shell soft yet durable enough to withstand 100’s of cycles of re-use? Single layer plastics leaked and easily fell apart after only a few freezings.The discovery of a unique high-tech laminated three layer material solved it.

The result of the research and testing is a deceptively simple design that fits right where you need the relief. The secret is the way we shape it and what we fill it with. There’s no mess, no odor, and it works FAST!

Discover our secret for yourself!

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